The Best Perfume Brands & Companies

Major cosmetic companies like Lancome, Este Lauder, and Chanel are banking off of some of the best perfumes for women. Not to mention all of the other companies like Aveda, Origins, Prescriptives, Davidoff, and Gucci. There is really no limit to these designer fragrances.


By using all of the various products of one particular scent, you layer the scents to create long-lasting fragrance coverage. Another company that offers light but durable sprays, lotions, and washes is Bath and Body Works. Scents include Warm Vanilla Sugar, Sweet Pea, Sensual Amber, Sea Island Cotton, Rainkissed Leaves, and Cucumber Melon.


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Top 5 Best Perfumes for Men

Men pay much attention for their fashion, looks, dressing and hairstyle but normally what they ignore is a quality best perfume. Popular Perfume companies also make seductive perfumes that leave a good impression on women’s mind and the body spray and perfume ads on TV show it well. Here is a list of 5 Best Perfumes for men that are most popular in market these days.  Click here to read the full article..

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In ancient times, perfuming would come as a result of sitting close to the fire, the smoke bestowing its fragrance to those standing in close proximity. During ceremonies of high importance, precious materials were offered for burning. Today, we adorn ourselves with perfumes for such events. Read the full article here…


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