Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas and Floral Decorations

If you and your fiancé are nature enthusiasts who are about to get married, you should consider organizing an eco-friendly wedding. A nature-friendly wedding is not only an excellent way to promote living green and contribute to preserving our environment, but it is also a great way to save money. Green weddings have recently become very popular because they can turn regular weddings into an environmentally friendly event in a very easy and fun way.

Pulling off a Green Wedding


Your wedding can be uptight and stressful or fun and memorizing event. It all depends on your choices. An eco-friendly wedding will have a more positive and fun atmosphere from the very start because your guests will know you are doing something nice for this planet. Everyone will be full of positive energy that surrounds an environmentally friendly event. The best part is that these weddings are rather easy to create and organize. Even the most simple modifications and alterations will turn your traditional wedding into a nature-friendly blowout that everyone will remember and talk about for weeks or even months.

So, the first step of going green at your wedding is to make eco-friendly invitations. To do this, create invitations from partially, or 100% recycled paper or send online invitations. This way, the paper will be completely unnecessary. You can even create your own wedding website which will allow you to invite your guests in a unique and creative way. Also, this way you will save the money that would go on ordering fancy invitations and having them shipped.

Eco-Friendly Greenery and Floral Decoration


You can also go green at your wedding by using nature-friendly flowers. In this case, that means you should use flowers that are locally grown. Don’t order special bouquets that need to be shipped from some place far away. This means if you are, for example, from Ireland, purchase flowers from an online florist in Dublin and choose locally grown plants. If you want to have a wider choice of local flowers, try organizing your wedding during the spring or summer. However, a winter wedding can also be fun, exciting and visually mesmerizing. By using a display of twigs and berries, ivies and delicate flowers like winter jasmine, you can transform your wedding into a fairytale-like event. After the wedding is over, recycle the flowers by donating them to a nursing home or a hospital. Just imagine how many smiles you’ll bring to someone’s face.

Another way to use eco-friendly floral decoration is to incorporate trees in your decoration. Instead of buying a bunch of bouquets you will have to recycle after the event is finished, you could make an avenue of live green trees or even make an arbour of greenery. After the wedding, the trees can be planted out as a lasting tribute to your special day. If you don’t have enough space to plant them in your garden, you could donate them to a local school or a park. This way you will make a positive contribution to your local community and help to preserve the environment.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, the choice of flowers and greenery can make a big difference on minimizing the environmental impact of your special day. For example, hot house flowers can make a rather heavy carbon footprint. If you or your friends have your own gardens, incorporate those flowers with some bought ones. Every little detail you pay attention to and transform it something more nature-friendly can make a small contribution towards protecting the environment.

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